Land Rover Series II and III 109" heavy duty canvas soft top

We have developed  the most durable soft tops you can use in your Land Rover. Made with the same fabric that protects motorcyclists and soldiers, and with PVC windows that are more than twice as thick as conventional models.

Fully waterproof 90/10 poly-cotton hood,  treated for a very high resistance to UV, fungi... 550 gr/m2. Flame retardant ripstop material. Seam sealed. 

Great color stability, does not shrink (less than 0.5% if machine washed at 65ºC, which should not be done!!

Thanks to the use of modern materials and treatments, the soft top is lighter, takes up much less space when folded and is more resistant than the original. However, it maintains its classic design look.

The soft top / hood  is compatible with the traditional hood stick Land Rover system and with the compact Señorbarbo system (on development) 

This model fits 109" , three door type cars (long wheel base) 

Available in 3 colors: grey-green, sand, blackstone and 3 different versions: 

-No side windows(NSW)
-Side windows. (WSW)
-Zippered side windows + blinds. (FYSW)*

This model fits 109", 3 door type cars (long wheel base) 

 *Fred Yeung is a Hong Konger who suggested a design according to the tropical needs of suffocating heat, high humidity, torrential rains and lush vegetation, and thus our best hood was born.