IP68 Hood-Flood light

Some time ago, while on a desert trip, we realized how practical it is to have a light that illuminates perfectly  the engine bay, but also powerful enough to illuminate the entire area around the car. So, we designed this lamp based on LED technology . It has highly reliable optoelectronics with a protective silicone housing,  resistant to water, dust, hydrocarbons, extreme temperatures and impacts. The light is compact, very powerful (please, check the video)  efficient, with a great chromatic performance, and the housing  is flexible to adapt to different shapes. Attaches to your car or van with 3M ultra-strong double-sided tape
Of course it can also be used anywhere else outside or inside the vehicle.

Buy two and you will get a 27% discount! 

L*W*H: 462 mm. Heigh: 16 mm. Width 16 mm. 
Power  9 Watt.  (0,76 Amps  @ 12,8 Vdc) 
Color temperature: 3000ºK Flux: 900 lm.
CRI (color rendering index): 85 
IP68 IK08 protection. Maritime grade