Waxed canvas toolbag

Practical tool bag of great capacity and resistance, made of 500 gr / m2 waxed canvas, with independent pockets.
Designed to carry tools neatly and quietly, taking up as little space as possible.

Four different models, three colors of fabric with hardware (rings, zippers) combined in steel, black chromed steel and brass and high resistance nylon straps.

-Bahama Gold: A tribute to the unforgettable color of the Range Rover Classic and the Camel Trophy Land Rovers. Combine elements in yellow, grey, black, silver and metal.
-Saharadust: Sand colored nylon fabric and ribbons, brass hardware.
-109M: Olive green nylon fabric and straps, black chrome steel hardware.
-Silver & Sand: Sand colored fabric, light gray nylon straps, steel hardware (silver color)
-"Codofuera": Same as "Saharadust", but a special edition, with the Santana star logo. (i"Cristal partido, codo fuera" s a Spanish sentence about the way we drive the Land Rovers, sticking out our elbows, specially the ones with sliding window) 

Unfolded dimensions: 480 x 290 mm.