CKD Cubbybox

The cubbybox is one of the most practical pieces of Land Rover Series  and Defender, but at the same time the original ones are sensitive to moisture and not as tough as we think they should. 

Our CKD CUBBYBOX is made of an aluminum magnesium alloy, with stainless steel parts. It also includes two practical folding cup holders. 

CKD means "Complete Knock Down"; requires some assembly, as we pack it flat so we reduce the costs inherent to transportation, so you enjoy a better product for cheaper price. Every part and component you need comes included on the set. No special tools needed, as the assembly is done with ultra strong double sided tape, far more resistant than rivets. Silcone rubber edge protectors are included too.  Please, take a look at the video we have made.

Of course it  can be painted, trimmed, or left as it is as it won't rust, because is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. 

Dimensions: 350*460*500 mm.
Weight: 1850 gr