Land Rover Defender Bikini 90"/110"

Land Rover Series Bikini 88/109

Our soft tops  are designed to withstand the elements and offer exceptional durability. Unlike conventional 100% cotton hoods, our hoods are made of a **80/20 polycotton for our original ones,  or layered Olefin for the thermoblock* series., which gives them the following advantages

  • Greater Durability Polycotton and Olefin are stronger than pure cotton, ensuring a long lifespan. Nevertheless,   Its weight is 35% less than that of traditional cotton hoods.
  • Dimensional StabilityThey do not shrink or deform over time, maintaining their original shape.
  • Resistance to the Elements, bacteria, mold, fungi.Being synthetic fabrics, they are practically invulnerable to bacteria, molds, fungi; greater durability and absence of odors.
  • Marine quality velcro type (+10000 cycles)  fastening for perfect fitment. 
  • PVC reinforcement on high stress areas for better durability, selling and performance. 
  • You can turn  it into a  cabin hood  with the addition of the hood back door / fume curtain

NOTE: We usually stock this products,  but if you need them urgently please contact us and we will be able to give you a an accurate lead time.