Land Rover Series 109" Complete Hood. No Side Windows

Land Rover Series 109" complete hood. No side windows

Our soft tops  are designed to withstand the elements and offer exceptional durability. Unlike conventional 100% cotton hoods, our hoods are made of a 80/20 polycotton 450 gsm for our original ones,  or layered Olefin for the thermoblock* series., which gives them the following advantages

  • Greater Durability Polycotton and Olefin are stronger than pure cotton, ensuring a long lifespan. Nevertheless,   Its weight is 35% less than that of traditional cotton hoods.
  • Dimensional StabilityThey do not shrink or deform over time, maintaining their original shape.
  • Resistance to the Elements, bacteria, mold, fungi.Being synthetic fabrics, they are practically invulnerable to bacteria, molds, fungi; greater durability and absence of odors.
  • Innovative Construction SolutionsWe have implemented new designs that allow the canopies to be installed and removed in **one-third of the time** compared to the original design. Less running and snapping, less complications.
  • Separate tail gate  /fume curtain.The "rear door" is a separate element, which can be installed by closing the hood or as a "fume curtain", effectively closing and isolating the cabin. It comes included in all "complete hood" models. 
  • Marine quality velcro type (+10000 cycles)  fastening for perfect fitment. 
  • PVC reinforcement on high stress areas for better durability, selling and performance.
  • 1 mm thickness transparent PVC. On original they used 0,6 mm one, which makes them weak to branches and less durable, more prone to yellowing and difficult to polish. 

NOTE: We usually don't stock this products, and they are produced when you launch the order.  This takes usually 4-6 weeks, average.